Rowupdating get cell value

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Rowupdating get cell value

To manually run value change detection to refresh all visible cells call api.refresh Cells().Aggregation change detection means rerunning aggregations when a value changes.The following example is the same as the example above Change Detection and Groups except it gets the grid to do an batch update so that the grouping, sorting and filtering are recomputed.From the example, the following can be noted: When data in the grid updates and aggregations are active, the grid will not recompute all aggregations again from scratch.Ideally you should not want to turn off change detection, however the option is there if you choose to turn it off.One thing that may entice you to turn it off is if you have some custom value getters that are doing some time intensive calculations, you may want limit the number of times they are called and have more control over when refreshing is done.Instead it will be selective as to what aggregations need to be re-computed.

This will stop the change detection process firing when the above events happen.Notice the following: You might ask, is checking every cell against it's value a performance problem? What ag-Grid does is similar to the change detection algorithm's in frameworks such as React or Angular.Doing this many check's in Java Script is not a problem. ag-Grid minimises the DOM updates by only updating the DOM where changes are detected. So rather than comparing the actual DOM with a virtual DOM, the grid compares 'the value that was rendered last time into the DOM' with with the value's in the Row Model.For example, if a user edits a cell, then the row should not jump location (due to sorting and grouping) or even worse, disappear altogether (if the filter removes the row due to the new value failing the filter).For this reason, if you want to update the sorting, filtering or group grouping after an update, you should listen for the event and call api.update Row Data(transaction) with the rows that were updated.

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